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Two new audio applications released!

Here we are presenting our 2 brand new audio applications:


SuperBeatRepeater and SuperCutSequencer


SuperCutSequencer is a cut "On/Off" Sequencer (8 steps with smooth) synced to Midi-Clock Beats and Midi-Clock Start/Stop.

Very useful i.e to add musical diversity in looped tracks (very nice with i.e bass lines).




  • Cut your Stream in 8 Steps according to Midi-Clock (Start/Stop and Clock).
  • Mute or Unmute each Step separately
  • Dry/Wet Knob to switch between the original stream and the cut stream
  • Scale the Sequence between no scaling (1 bar), fast (1/2 bar), very fast (1/4 bar), slow (2 bars), very slow (4 bars)
  • Define Step Lightning Color (for LED midi controllers)


Demo: https://youtu.be/C38gep4vkm8?t=7m12s



SuperBeatRepeater is a Beat Repeater with Sidechain Beat Recognation and Midi-Clock Sync.

Very useful i.e to add musical diversity by looping short parts of the stream (i.e drums).



  • Repeat the last loop of the stream according to the beats.
  • Beat recognition from Audio Sidechain Click track
  • Beat recognation from Midi-Clock
  • BPM Slider to set the tempo manually
  • Very simple Tap Tempo if needed (no average)
  • Loop one or two bars
  • Midi Controllable In/Out
  • Loop divider Slider Control (to switch loop lenght during the loop)
  • Loop x3 Mode for Triplets (with Midi LED Feedback)
  • The REPEAT! checkbox is usable as Momentary or Toggle


Demo: https://youtu.be/C38gep4vkm8?t=6m17s



Linux For Live : SuperBoucle, Carla, Faust, LV2s

This is one example of how to use GNU/Linux live on the stage with loop-based music.

This setup uses SuperBoucle for live arrangements, Carla for live mixing, SuperBeatRepeater, SuperCutSequencer (Faust) to add musical diversity and all the good well-known LV2 plugins (Calf, Invada, TalFilter...).



New analog setup

Our new analog setup is working perfectly! ..can't wait to use it for the next productions :)


New (simple but very useful) Audio Plugins!

LiveMixer and StereoKnot

LiveMIxer is a Stereo Mixer Strip with 2 Aux Sends (post Fader). Useful if you want to use Carla/Patchage as live mixing software with midi binding.

Every Plugin instance has 2 inputs (stereo) and 6 outputs.

  • The first two outs are just stereo through (via fader).
  • Outputs 3 and 4 are Send A (L and R)
  • Outputs 5 and 6 are Send B (L and R)


StereoKnot is a Simple Stereo Through with Volume Slider. Useful for complex patchbays in Jack/Carla/Patchage. Useful in Combination with LiveMIxer for the Send Returns.

Screenshot: 8 Instances of LiveMIxer and 3 of StereoKnot (Renamed as MASTER, SEND1 and SEND2) in Carla.


Download (LV2 Builds, 32 and 64 bits):

Source Code (FAUST) (v0.1):

You can build binaries from the source code for a lot of platforms (linux, lv2, etc...) using the FAUST online compiler.


Linux Audio Conference 2015


...on the road to the Linux Audio Conference in Mainz, Germany!
Looking forward to meet linux audio developpers and amazing linux musicians :)



Cu there!

New Plugin released!

AB Switch (Stereo)

This plugin is made to compare 2 stereo sources (A, B) and is very useful to compare for exemple a non mixed track with the mixed one or to compare a mix with the master of it. It has and as well a Left-Right switch to check how the mix sounds like this, and, very useful, a mono function to check if the stereo mix also sounds good if mixed into mono. To match the levels of the tracks use the sliders Volume A and Volume B (1.0 means In level = Out level, 0.0 means In = 0).


To download it, go the the Plugins-page.










Maria Jacobi's second album released!

Check it out!



Maria Jacobi is a new-comer singer-songwriter talent from Germany. For this album she went musicaly futher and invited a viola player and a percusionnist. While her voice is harmonizing perfeclty with the smooth tunes of the viola, her guitar melodies and rythmes are going together with the percussions, and the whole is surrounded by beautiful lyrics about cities, life and love...





Andera Guante released!

Check it out!


or just have a listen here:





Andrea Guante is a singer-songwriter from Germany. She is playing songs with her guitar and with interesting german lyrics. Her melodies as well as her beautiful voice are things one remembers and one recorgizes straight away, and for those who understand german lyrics an inviation for dreaming...




Studio ready ;)

Finally the studio is finished and ready to record and create! :)

Everybody is welcome!