Two new audio applications released!

Here we are presenting our 2 brand new audio applications:


SuperBeatRepeater and SuperCutSequencer


SuperCutSequencer is a cut "On/Off" Sequencer (8 steps with smooth) synced to Midi-Clock Beats and Midi-Clock Start/Stop.

Very useful i.e to add musical diversity in looped tracks (very nice with i.e bass lines).




  • Cut your Stream in 8 Steps according to Midi-Clock (Start/Stop and Clock).
  • Mute or Unmute each Step separately
  • Dry/Wet Knob to switch between the original stream and the cut stream
  • Scale the Sequence between no scaling (1 bar), fast (1/2 bar), very fast (1/4 bar), slow (2 bars), very slow (4 bars)
  • Define Step Lightning Color (for LED midi controllers)





SuperBeatRepeater is a Beat Repeater with Sidechain Beat Recognation and Midi-Clock Sync.

Very useful i.e to add musical diversity by looping short parts of the stream (i.e drums).



  • Repeat the last loop of the stream according to the beats.
  • Beat recognition from Audio Sidechain Click track
  • Beat recognation from Midi-Clock
  • BPM Slider to set the tempo manually
  • Very simple Tap Tempo if needed (no average)
  • Loop one or two bars
  • Midi Controllable In/Out
  • Loop divider Slider Control (to switch loop lenght during the loop)
  • Loop x3 Mode for Triplets (with Midi LED Feedback)
  • The REPEAT! checkbox is usable as Momentary or Toggle