Kathinka Marcks - √Ąthiopien - CD-Launch & Tour dates

Yeaah finally Kathinka's album is done and ready to go through the world ;)
Kathinka Marcks is an amazing storytelling artist... :) This record is going to be her first album and is based on her journey through Ethiopia, mixed with a couple of very nice african tales!

Futhermore we recorded Ras Andy with the Djembe and his self-made bamboo-flute for the transitions between the tracks...wow the combination is amazing!! ;) Such a nice journey...

That was a full production so we designed the cd as well... Such a nice experience to work - and to share so many thinks - with her... she is so great! So, if you want to see and listen what she is able to, just go to her shows all over germany! ;)

Check the tour dates now:



6. CASTROP-RAUXEL 15.00 Uhr Schulaula der Ernst-Barlach-Schule

7. KOBLENZ 18.00 Uhr Rathaus

12. FULDA 19.00 Uhr Rathaus

13. WIESBADEN 15.30 Uhr Wiesbadener Kurier

14. DARMSTADT 18.00 Uhr Schulaula der Justus-Liebig-Schule



27. PFAFFENHOFEN 19.00 Uhr Festsaal Rathaus

29. NEUBURG A.D. DONAU 18.00 Uhr Rathaus


13. KIEL 18.00 Uhr Rathaus

14. CELLE 18.00 Uhr (Ort noch unbekannt)



More information about Kathinka: