Audio Production

Welcome to the Audio Production page!

Here you can find all the stuff we produced for different people, videos and bands. This camel has got a lot of instruments: a guitar, a bass, many djembes, a lot of different percussions, keybords with a lot of good samples and synthies, a violin and a sitar! We can bring and play these instrumments for any projects and use them to compose and record new tracks.


Mulattenpack - Lörrach's most wanted


We produced and composed four songs for this album. Furthermore we recorded some cello parts and we finished the audio work on the speech tracks.

Release Date: November 2010

Composed and recorded in Freiburg, Germany

Mulattenpack is a new project created by the ethno rapper Leo Farii and Essa Suwareh (Bill) (refugee from Gambia). This project was created to bring to the people and through music the incredible story happened in their lives.






Indian Flow

The film maker Giuseppe Petruzzellis from Italy made a film about his trip in india. This is a beautiful journey with a lot of amazing pictures, scenes and sounds, then, of course, one of Ras Tilo's songs ("mieux vaut sitar que jamais") is part of the original Soundtrack! :)

1 Track

Produced, recorded and mixed in Freiburg, Germany.







Zen Graphic - Create your image

zen The graphic design company Zen Graphic from Italy is now using a loop of Ras Tilo's song "Freedom" for their official website.

1 Track (looped sample)

Produced, recorded and mixed in Freiburg, Germany.

Just check their beautiful site and all the nice works inside, with a nice dub song in the background ;)





Hermann Ghetto

We produced this track under the secret name "Bro Hermann Beat Production" within 2 days, just for fun.

1 Track

Produced, recorded and mixed in Freiburg, Germany.

Release date: september 2010

Thats was a really nice challenge to make a gangsta hiphop with a really good beat and an high end production. Nothing is serious in this track, but it sounds pretty phat! ;)

There is a little funny video to this track:


Flash Animation Hermann Ghetto by azvinz


Der Neandertaler in uns - Knochenjob Dokumentarfilmerin

We produced, recorded and mixed the background music for this short documentary.

6 Tracks

Produced, recorded and mixed in Galway, Ireland.

Release date: June 2010

This is a short documentary about Tamara Spitzing, a german filmmaker, and about her last film "Der Neandertaler in uns". This is the official version for Freibrug., a german online headshop used 3 of Ras Tilo's songs for product videos. They are 15 videos, so I put just 3 of them here:

More info here:


More of Krabi

Krabi Imaging from Tailand took the song I composed and recorded "Ras Tilo - Las estrellas feat. Andrea Guante"  for one of their video about their current projects in Thailand. It is an amazing video with a lot of beautiful pictures in High Definition quality.