New (simple but very useful) Audio Plugins!

LiveMixer and StereoKnot

LiveMIxer is a Stereo Mixer Strip with 2 Aux Sends (post Fader). Useful if you want to use Carla/Patchage as live mixing software with midi binding.

Every Plugin instance has 2 inputs (stereo) and 6 outputs.

  • The first two outs are just stereo through (via fader).
  • Outputs 3 and 4 are Send A (L and R)
  • Outputs 5 and 6 are Send B (L and R)


StereoKnot is a Simple Stereo Through with Volume Slider. Useful for complex patchbays in Jack/Carla/Patchage. Useful in Combination with LiveMIxer for the Send Returns.

Screenshot: 8 Instances of LiveMIxer and 3 of StereoKnot (Renamed as MASTER, SEND1 and SEND2) in Carla.


Download (LV2 Builds, 32 and 64 bits):

Source Code (FAUST) (v0.1):

You can build binaries from the source code for a lot of platforms (linux, lv2, etc...) using the FAUST online compiler.