Käpt'n Dirt

Käpt'n Dirt - The Dirt Experience

We spent on this project 2 days for recording, a couple of days for mixing and one day for mastring

5 Tracks

Recorded in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany.

Release date: July 2012

Käpt'n Dirt is the solo project of Strings Intemporal's cello player. He is looping himself on the cello, combing classical music with groovy beats and beautiful melodies. Amazing! This project was a great challange for me mixing 8 looped cello parts together on each songs, 8 times the same instrument on one mix! Crazy.. but the result now is amazing. Really worth to have a listen!! ...and don't forget the hidden hip hop track produced in the studio, as well ;)

Käpt'n Dirt is also the cello player of Superdirt², album coming soon!


1 Ri-Ra-Rose by Käpt'n Dirt


...und tschüss! by Käpt'n Dirt